‘We know what we are now but not what we might become.’
— Shakespeare

 Become the person you want to be!

It takes courage, ambition and action to get to where you want to be.

Many of us feel stuck, blocked in our every day lives but that does not need to be the case, you can find and reach what you want in life.

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur/have a start-up, change career, change position in your current job or find a better balance between your work life and your personal life, a coach is the first step in that direction.

AbouT ME

After a background in mathematics and physics, I worked offshore, on scientific boats as a hydrographer (mapping the seabed). The focus of my job was to process the incoming data to ensure we obtained a detailed map of the seafloor. This job came with a life style that included adventure, travel and intense work. On some of my trips at sea, I was the manager of the scientific team on board and greatly enjoyed motivating and contributing to a greater atmosphere on board. After more than five years experience as a hydrographer,  I discovered coaching and as I was passionate about helping people, and personal development, I took the jump and left the seas. 

Changing careers was both hard and extremely fulfilling. It was an ongoing journey that led me to leave my comfort zone and routine to plunge into the unknown and approach my life from a new perspective. Being coached while I was going through the process of changing my career was key to my success - it clarified where I wanted to go, what were my underlying motivations, and what steps were in front of me so that I could reach the top. This journey is what I want to support you with - changing career/jobs or ultimately finding renewed satisfaction in your current job -by managing your levels of stress, commitment, and finding balance in your life.

As a previous seafarer, I also understand the challenges that come with working at sea and I can support other seafarers (hydrographers, yacht workers, platforms, cruise ship staff etc.) with finding renewed satisfaction in their job, coping with being away or leaving the sea.

Given my the nature of my previous job, I also have a scientific approach to coaching. This can be applied both to the use of coaching tools, and looking past the superficial layers to detect what is beyond and pick up on key words and sentences that reveal a lot. I will thus dig through my questioning until we get to the bottom of what is holding you back and how you can move forward. I am both a very thorough and sensitive person, and my experience at sea has led me to have a greater understanding of the people I worked with. Living in such enclosed surroundings enlightened me and ultimately led me to change my careers to focus on people. 

Having been brought up in France by British parents, French and English are my mother languages. Furthermore, having lived three years in Barcelona with a German partner, I speak fluently Spanish and German. I also have an understanding of Italian and Swedish. All coaching sessions I offer can be held in English, French, Spanish or German.

If you can relate to my background, and change of life perspectives, and you wish to be coached in any of the languages above, then please be in touch for a first free discovery call to find out how coaching can benefit you and see if this is the right moment for you to be coached and confirm that I am the right coach you. I am 100% committed and dedicated to all of my coaching clients.